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Lorraine Ngumbela - [email protected]

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This privacy notice is in addition to the CSIR’s website Privacy Notice which can be accessed here.

The CSIR cares about your personal information and we therefore provide you, a potential conference attendee or speaker, with this notice. It will assist you to make an informed decision about whether you would like to share your personal information with us in order to register to attend the CSIR Conference.

As explained in our website Privacy Notice, the CSIR collects personal information either automatically or by you voluntarily sharing it with us. The information required to register as an attendee or speaker at the CSIR Conference is information that is voluntarily provided by you to us. Your information will not be sold to third parties for marketing purposes.

The personal information you provide to us when registering for the conference will be used to communicate relevant information about the conference. This information is collected by our service provider, The RSVP Agency, who is responsible for facilitating the online registration process. You have been directed to their website to register for the conference (the website you are currently on).

The CSIR’s website Privacy Notice contains a list of third parties that receive your personal information when you use our website. For conference registration, the additional third parties will also receive your personal information. They are listed below together with the services they provide.

    * The RSVP Agency (Pty) Ltd. The RSVP Agency facilitates the online registration process. Information about The RSVP Agency can be found here: www.rsvpagency.co.za
    * PayU Payment Solutions Pty Ltd (PayU).PayU is used for processing your online payments.Information about PayU can be found here: www.payu.co.za.
    * SendGrid, Inc (SendGrid). SendGrid is used to send you email about the conference. It is an American company and information about SendGrid can be found here: www.sendgrid.com.

When you interact with these third parties, it is likely that they will collect personal information about you and you will be subject to their terms, conditions and privacy notices. Individuals who participate in the conference as speakers acknowledge that their professional profile and contact details will be made publically available on the website and other social media platforms. For more information please contact [email protected].

Speakers and attendees must please be aware that photos will be taken at the conference. Therefore, you may appear in some conference photos that we will publish on our website. You can request removal or anonymization of your photo(s) from our website by providing a description of the photo and reason(s) why you would like the photo(s) removed or anonymized. You can direct such requests to [email protected].The choice between removal or anonymization will be at the CSIR’s discretion.

If you are under the age of eighteen years you must get permission from a parent or guardian
to share your personal information with the CSIR before registering for the CSIR Conference.


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